Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude


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    A positive attitude is not hard to keep, all you have to do is start thinking that there is no such thing as the word “Worry”. Tension is a real killer of your luck because it eats up all the good stuff in your life and leaves you in a ruin from which you can never get out. Napoleon Hill for years has tried to inculcate in the young minds the way to live a positive and better life. There are two ways to live the life which the author tells us. One is a positive way and the other is the exact opposite i.e negative.

    Whether it is the negative way or the positive it is all the creation of your mind. If you start thinking that life is punishing you and you are going down because of certain reasons then you will never be able to stand up straight again in your life. Hill along with W. Clement Stone has brought this philosophy of positive attitude to life through this book.

    Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

    Stone helped in the creation of this book when he was the CEO and the book contains his thoughts too which he applied to his work and got awesome results. The same idea was observed in Think and Grow Rich and Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil when the author preached that we should kick out the fear and negativities from our mind and make room for positivity. These are two extremes of which David White narrates in this book and going towards one means that you are moving away from the other. Thus if you are becoming positive all the negative forces will move away from you forever.

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