Swamp Bones: A Novella

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Whenever the poor Forensic genius Dr. Temperance Brennan plans for a holiday or trip something bad turns out in front of her but that is all in days work for her. Temperance’s friend to whom she goes to happens to be an ornithologist and when Tempe reached her, she was in the middle of something big. During her research on birds she got the chance to get a big eighteen foot bird and after the dissection she and Tempe found out that the bones in the bird’s stomach matches a human.

This means that there might be a dead body in the swamp from where the bird was caught in the first place. On chasing the trail they find out something big, there is a chance that someone might be dumping bodies in the swamp or something in the swamp is eating people up. Such monstrous act cannot be allowed at any rate so Dr. Temperance along with her friend just leaves the holiday plan aside and goes for a trip in the deep dark forest that is equal to a suicide for most.

Forest is not only full of dangerous animals but according to the locals it is notorious for accidents and very few returns safely out of the darkness. Kathy Reichs has put up a nice show and the description of the jungle was everything for this specific story. It is the forest which induces the terror and the heavy touch to the novel. After many successful parts such as Bones in Her Pocket and Bones of the Lost the narrator has been changed. For Katherine Borowitz it was a challenge because the previous narrator was really set with the series and the fans had developed an attachment with the old narrator.

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