Tattered Remnants

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All of our efforts can vanish within no time if there is no one else left to tell the tale top the upcoming generation and what if there is no generation left. They are coming from all sides now closing on the family from almost all directions. There are three vampires on their tails and Talbot still with no cure or tool against them can only run. They have tried everything and now they are at their wits end, the one thing they still have in plenty is the survivor instinct of their ancestors.

None of them is ready to let go their human form, most of the humans that are left on this stage think that they should stop fighting and adapt the change that has landed on their doorstep for years now. Fighting and wars in Zombie Fallout 5 and Til Death Do Us Part have started to lose their color because no one is interested in them an more.

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Those activities and the acts of chivalry don’t matter because it was all a useless struggle that ended in complete failure. A little humor after a long while in the form of Tommy who acts a bit odd again but ironically he does all this to hide the seriousness of the situation. He wants to hint towards the upcoming vampires who are investigating the death of their close ally. The Talbots are again in danger with no way out except to stand tall and fight back. Narration by Sean Runnette gives a little bit confusion because of the so many sub plots the narrator has not been able to provide the fantasy tone for which he is famous.

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