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Texas is genre fiction novel written by James A. Michener. He is quite a unique writer who mixes history with some fiction to produce some really inspiring stories. He is a great researcher of history and produces some mix of real and fictional characters in his novel. This in return makes a great read and for the same reason, he managed to make countless fans for himself. He has got more than 40 books to his credit. The most popular books in his archive arguably are: The Source and Centennial novels. These are advised to be tried in their respective audio version in order to enjoy things to the most.

Larry McKeever is the narrator of Texas novel and he was quite disappointing. He was the weak link in this audio format which was mainly because of his difficult accent and inability to pronounce some words clearly.

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Texas is known as a land in US that has sprawling diversity and extreme richness as well. This novel brings a dazzling chapter in the history of US. It is a place which is hard to be seen anywhere else. This epic saga by the author span over a period of 4 centuries and depicts the most dramatic formation of multiple dynasties from different eras.

Texas has a larger than life history which the author explored in crafting such an amazing story for the audience. The narrator is repeated in almost all the main novels that the author, James A. Michener has written but his performance was quite substandard in all the novels. The author must have looked for a different narrator having a clear and neutral accent.

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