The Apocalypse Survivors

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Peter Meredith is one of the finest fictional novel writers of his time. Post apocalypse and horror fiction genres are something for which the author is mainly known for. The Dead Eye Hunt (A Post Apocalypse Adventure) and The Apocalypse Boxed Set Novels 1 – 3 are two of the most delightful novels/ set from the author.

The Apocalypse Survivors is not an ordinary tale of having some heroes and heroines. You shouldn’t expect anything of the sort from this novel. It is a story of survival and of some dried up blood right below your nails with having new pain. It is about some unrelenting loneliness and gnawing hunger as well. This story is of hatred and fear and of courage as well.

The story will tell you about a huge majority of people who fought with absolute honor and with loyalty and a sense of duty. They sacrificed their lives for others, while leaving behind those with no honor to flourish. Their rule by no means is marked with any civility or decency. Rather, it was dominated by wicked brutality. However, in some cases, the noble and the kind people managed to survive as well. All these different types of survivors had learned to live their lives among the undead. But, they should learn now as how should they survive among those creatures that are far away from being monstrous. They are their fellow men actually.

Basil Sands just like the prequel of this chapter has been the chosen narrator again. He managed to give another quality performance with his profound voice and apt expression for this kind of a horror fiction novel.

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