The Athena Project

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Placed away in a very remote and tight corner of Fort Bragg in North Carolina is the headquarter of the topmost counter terrorism agency of the American nation. It is the First Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta. The team here has set an excellent new approach in fighting terrorism and that is known as The Athena Project.

This thrilling novel will cover the daring adventures of a top level team of female warriors, who were recruited with the expectation of top level athletes, which was to be achieved through extensive training. They will be up against the most dangerous and exciting international assignments. Which will definitely please the fiction lovers as in a great fictional setting.

The narration of this novel is marvelously done by Elizabeth Marvel, who has stunned her audience with such an impressive and complete performance. The listeners of this audiobook would have deep thought and appreciation for the author’s vast imagination. The vast knowledge of Brad Thor about the military intrigue and covert operations is just so impressive. Not only this, but majority of his other thrillers are also quite heart-pounding and make you an overnight fan of the author.

If you are a fan of James Bond and that type of characters and stories, then this novel and Brad Thor as a writer are tailor-made for you. The prime character of Harvath is impressive and you will see quite a few other people adding in his friends circle. This is what the keen followers of The Scott Harvath series would experience in this novel.

If you want some more audiobooks from Brad Thor then the top most are: Backlash and The Lines of Lucerne.

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