The Big Bad Wolf

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The first good news for Alex is that Christine is back in the story and Alex’s life as well but she has not returned to soothe his heart. The girl requires serious help and she needs Alex to help her out in this serious matter. Alex has been portrayed as a tense man since the beginning of this part because of the circumstances that have been building around him. The criminal known as the Wolf is kidnapping people throughout the country and the people he kidnaps just vanish after that.

No trace is ever found, also the Wolf has never asked for a ransom in any of the kidnappings. One thing is clear that ransom is not his aim at all so there is something else attached to all of this. Alex wants his higher authorities to take steps to stop this activity of the Wolf but no one shows interest in the urgency.

Being disappointed in his department Alex starts investigating on his own and what he finds out is horrible than what he faced in Roses Are Red and Violets Are Blue. The Wolf is selling the women and children after kidnapping them and later these children and women are made slaves. Slavery is once again on the rise and someone has to put a full stop against all of this. Peter J. Fernandez narrates along with Denis O’ Hare this time and so far there has been no discontentment shown by the audience regarding the narration. Although there have been certain changes in narration all the time no harm is done till now.

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