The Blood Mirror

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The Blood Mirror is chapter 4 of the highly exquisite The Lightbringer novel series. It is a product of author, Brent Weeks, who has impressed his audience throughout this series and this novel is no different. Simon Vance with his captivating and pleasant tone has given the narration of this novel, which is well received by the majority of the audience. The subject novel and the entire Lightbringer novel series is a science fiction fantasy.

Brent Weeks is known as the international bestselling author, where the action packed novel, The Blood Mirror further added to his repute.

After getting completely stripped off his political and magical power, the public who he ruled over once told him that he is dead. Now, he is captured within his own magical dungeon. Gavin Guile, once a powerful ruler with magical abilities does not have any possible chance to escape now. However, the entire world still faces a catastrophe, which happens to be much greater in scale as compared to what Seven Satrapies have ever come across or seen. He is the only one with the power and courage to save it. The future of the world lies in one question, which is: Who actually is the Lightbringer?

The Blinding Knife and The Black Prism novels are also written by Brent Weeks, which went on to become his recognition in the literary world. Both are science fiction novels, where you will be mesmerized with his creativity and the ability to produce powerful characters doing the impossible for your own imagination. Apart from the subject novel, these two recommended novels deserves to be listened, where their audio narration would also inspire you to the maximum.






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