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The Book of M

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It’s an extraordinary work of Peng Shepherd who has surely introduced a new concept in the world of fiction. No one has ever talked about the lord of the “Shadow less” the one who takes your shadow and bestow you with a lot of power. But shadow is not the only thing that is taken, with the shadow the memories are also gone and no trace of your past life remains in your brain anymore.

Thus this time with greater powers come bigger losses, lose that the people are not willing to bear but still they are forced to adapt the change. The story takes place in India when a person in a far off village loses his shadow without any reason. Then he starts forgetting and gaining powers too, the villagers cannot comprehend the reason behind it.

And then another case appears, the thing spreads like a wild fire as more and more people start forgetting who they once were. The powers that they get are just awesome but the price is quite heavy, seeing this Ory and his wife Max leave the village in a hurry and hide them in a distant forest. They think that they have run away from danger and the life would be pleasant afterwards but it was just a smoke screen.

The Book of M

Max soon starts losing her memory and with it her shadow, she thinks that she would become deadly for the only human being she loves and so she runs away. Ory is not ready to lose his wife at any rate so he runs after her with a hope that he might win her back from the monster world.

Max too runs desperately to a village that might have the cure to her problem, the story really works like a thriller and the suspense is high. James Fouhey and Emily Woo Zeller narrate Ory and Max separately keeping the intensity of the characters alive.


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