The Cutting Season

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Attica Locke talks about African Americans in almost all of the novels which the author has written. Two basic factors that have been teasing the black people in America have remained the highlight of the books like Bluebird, Bluebird, and Black Water Rising. The author talks about injustice and racism on equal levels and sometimes the two things get intermixed in the stories. Belle Vie is where the author takes us this time where injustice is again on the rise.

The situation is seen from the eyes of Caren Gray here who tells us about the injustice that is being done to the local black people. The foreigners are buying land from the native people with the power of the purse and there is nothing they can do. Resistance is impossible for the poor natives as they get replaced by new laborers in quick succession. All this became unbearable for the locals who have been cultivating sugarcane on the land for decades. A dead body on the corner of the land raises the tension much further.

The police department is called for help and the investigation just keeps on adding more and more people into it after that. Then after a lot of investigation finally the culprit is caught but Caren thinks that the police have arrested the wrong person.

So the girl starts her investigation and finds the missing links to a murder that was committed long ago. Quincy Tyler Bernstine narrates a story with suspense and history here with full interest and the voice arrests the interest of the listeners too. It is not action pack stuff but the story has enough to give you a scintillating feeling.

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