The Dazzling Heights

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The Dazzling Heights is the second chapter in The Thousandth Floor novel series. It is beautifully written by Katharine McGee. The noel and the series is a science fiction fantasy with a highly fascinating tale for the audience. Some of the other popular novels written by this brilliant young author are American Royals II: Majesty and The Thousandth Floor novels, where the latter one is the opening chapter of the same series.

Phoebe Strole is the narrator of this chapter and gave another sensational performance which is just as good as the performance given in the first chapter.

The novel has multiple characters that start first with Leda who is haunted by memories linked with the worst night of her life. She is determined to do anything to ensure that the truth remains hidden.

Watt on the other hand who is looking to put anything and everything behind him. All this continued until Leda pushed him to start with his hacking again.

Moreover, Ryan got a scholarship in a school. Her life completely transformed overnight. But, being in that school also means that she have to see that boy whose heart she once broke and he also broke her heart in return.

And then there is Calliope finally, who is a mysterious beauty. She reaches New York and was fully determined to cause a stir. She was fully aware that where to begin from.

The novel is quite good and will grip you with its plenty of twists and turns in the tale. There is some amazing suspense as well and you have every reason to go through this novel, especially if you are a science fiction fantasy fan.

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