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    Steelheart is the opening chapter of the exciting Reckoners novel series. It is written by Brandon Sanderson and the narration is given by Macleod Andrews. Steelheart is a science fiction novel, which portrays unimaginable superhero for us to get mesmerized with the creativity of the author.

    The Mistborn Trilogy novel series by the author, Brandon Sanderson made him the top ranked seller in New York Times. It looks like the same legacy of the writer is reflected forward in this series as well. It is a marvelous action packed thriller. Calamity came maybe a decade ago and it proved to be a burst in the sky, which facilitated ordinary people, regardless of gender with the possession of some extraordinary powers. They started to gain recognition as Epics.


    But Epics are considered not to be fan of human beings. With all their incredible gifted powers, a certain desire is there as well, which is to rule the world and its people. And, in order to rule people, it is imperative to crush their will as well.

    Nobody could ever dare to fight the Epics. However, there was one exception and that was the Reckoners. Reckoners was actually a group of shadowy human beings. They use to spend all their lives studying about the Epics and exploring them in deep detail. Their main focus is to identify their weaknesses and exploiting them subsequently with the intention of assassinating them.  The story then leads to David, who wants Steelheart. Steelheart is the Epic, who is believed to be invincible.

    The Way of Kings and Elantris novels are also written by Brandon Sanderson. He has again surprised his audience with great stories and even better characterization.

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    9 thoughts on “Steelheart”

    1. Very enjoyable! Thanks! Could you also upload The Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson? That would be great! Mistborn would also be much appreciated

    2. This was such a great appreciate you taking the time to make this available to those who don’t have the means to buy it. I’ll buy the book to support the author when I have the cash. Other than that this book was amazing! Im a mistborn fanboy but this is very close from what I have heard in book 1. Thanks again! You are the real hero


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