The Devil’s Hand

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9/11 was the day when the US faced the most devastating terrorist attack in the history of mankind. The day was not less than the Doomsday for the nation as it took many lives within a few minutes.

No one was ready for it since then the US started attacking those who were responsible for this ill show. Many terrorist organizations have gone down during the raids but still there are some that are working under cover.

The enemy is planning something big again and the US does not want to be on the back foot. So the race is on in order to get to the deadly plan of the enemy before it is executed.

A university student is preparing something wild far away in a laboratory. The laboratory does not allow extra people to enter because it is working on a biological weapon. The weapon could prove quite helpful in the time of war.

At the same time it can become a great threat if it goes into the wrong hands. The enemy is planning to use this bioweapon against the US and this could prove to be deadlier than 9/11. Jack Carr is a master storyteller and he can create stories about war and terror in a precise way.

It is the setting which holds the upper hand in these stories and the characterization comes later. Ray Porter narrated The Terminal List and In the Blood in the same style which is loved by everyone.

The narrator is fans’ favourite in stories like this one where action is not ending even after the climax. A race against time will finally conclude the story in the last chapter.

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    In the Blood

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