The Dragon Factory

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Jonathan Maberry’s name is enough to put in your trust in reading any novel written by him. The majority of his suspense thrillers and fast-paced which will keep you guessing throughout. By the end of his novels, you will feel thoroughly entertained for sure. If you are thinking the same about trying Jonathan’s novels then start with his Patient Zero and Lost Roads novels. The audiobooks will make a fantastic weekend experience.

Ray Porter and Jonathan Maberry’s airing of narrator-author has worked perfectly every time. The Dragon Factory is also blessed to have the powerful voice of Ray Porter. The audience also finds Porter as one of the finest narrators that they ever came across.

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Joe Ledger is a former Baltimore cop and he is back in action within his new role of a special-ops shooter. The Department of Military Sciences and its team also has a huge role to play in the different missions headed by Joe Ledger. This time, they are up against two distinct groups of shady scientists. The Jakoby Twins are producing transgenic monsters in labs and they are up for sale to the bidders.

Joe Ledger at his end had many other challenges to get to the evil. Time was running out and the stakes for him are quite high.

The Dragon Factory is a magnificent thriller ride for literary lovers. There could hardly be a much stronger follow-up novel in a series after the grand opening witnessed through Patient Zero. The audience will see Joe Ledger with his new fights and new challenges. New threats are coming to the existence of the human race. Jonathan has made it all sound so intense. Member Benefit

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