The Dry

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The Dry is a classical novel by the brilliant author, Jane Harper. It is a crime mystery novel that brings into the scene some different police procedures. All this is done creates great magic throughout the length of novel with exceptional thrill and suspense. The narration is also a plus point of this novel, which is given by Stephen Shanahan.

The Dry novel talks about a small town, which has a big secret to hide. Aaron Falk, a federal agent arrives at his birth place for the very first time in many years. He was there to attend his best friend’s funeral. The name of his friend was Luke and he was the guy who helped Aaron as an alibi, when Aaron was accused of a murder.

The murder accusation case on Aaron happened 20 years ago. Aron along with his father fled from the crime scene under a great suspicion on him. He was saved from prosecution only for the reason that Luke and Aaron were both together, when the crime was actually committed.

Things are different now. On present day and at the time of Luke’s funeral more than one person knows that both of them didn’t told the truth 20 years ago. But, Luke was dead now and half of the truth went with his death.

Aaron and a detective from that town questioned that what exactly has happened with Luke. Aaron was investigating reluctantly, knowing his involvement, and was not sure if there is anything more associated with the death of Luke.

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