The Fire Wolf: Werewolves on HEAT, Book 3 Audiobook

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The Fire Wolf: Werewolves on HEAT, Book 3

The werewolf on heat by Ellie Valentina is the third in the series of the werewolf stories and still attracts the attention of those who like the werewolf tales and their tragic endings. The story has characters that develop as the story progresses and their true nature unfolds with the passage of time. Ranger Nick Greyson the werewolf on heat is in search of true love to which his nose guides him but then the main tragedy happens when he bit Sarah Benson and she too turned into a werewolf on the heat.

The whole tales full of emotion and the wandrlust of the werewolves’ nice mixes up and the listener is always interested in the next move and tries to comprehend that whether it is out of love or lust. Meghan Kelly narrates the story by giving a separate voice to each of the werewolves which make the display more attractive and lively because with the different tone we can feel the change of character and personalities.
The story also never needed the history of the werewolves as this is the third volume and the whole history is there in the previous two volumes thus the story starts right from the very first word without any detailed description of the world of the werewolves. The desire of Ranger Nick to have his soul mate and his inability to have her because of his own fault also makes the story a tragedy and the emotions of the characters more complex as well. The world of the werewolves also never loses its charm throughout the series, from book one to the final trilogy. Looking for more wolfy stories? Here are some other suggestions for you to try and listen for some chilling moments: The Alpha’s Unwanted Mate Unleashing His Tiger and The HOT Wolf.


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