The Ghost

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For those who love the general mystery series, novels and stories covering the various hidden aspects of what we call the most fiction based events, this book The ghost is perfect to listen to in your spare time. The book has been written in a very balanced and composed manner by the author Robert Harris. The characters and the various events that create the most needed mystery in the novel works very well together and give a perfect in-depth feel regarding what is happening in the story and its characters.

This 8-hour long novel is a great experience for the listeners and is provided in the voice of Roger Rees who has narrated the story in a very compelling and interesting way. You can feel the highs and lows of mood and the scary touch with the exact kind of voice tones to create the effect that is needed to take you along the story ina n interesting manner.

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In the novel, Adam Lang who has been described as a controversial PM of the Birtian history is now telling the lifelong journey in an interesting way.

Lang hires a ghostwriter so that he could collect all his memories with the help of a professional writer so that he has much time to focus on the most important events he wants to share in the memory. But during the process the ghostwriter will be discovering a lot more than Lang wants to hare with him, many secrets will be revealed as well.

The story continues in a mind capturing and the gripping way that will truly catch your imagination and will haunt you at some points as well.

In addition to this book, if you need more interesting novels to listen to, you may also find The Missing – C. L. Taylor and The Dark Angel (Ruth Galloway #10) – Elly Griffiths as some of the good options for your imagination to nurture on these stories.


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