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The Vampire Armand

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The Vampire Armand is nothing short of exceptional as compared to any other novel by Anne Price. At least true for the level and quality of content and its characters. The novel is part 6 of The Vampire Chronicles series and this is the first novel of the series, which is a pure horror fiction, rather than the paranormal science fiction fantasy novels, which the prior novels of the series were.

Just to be true to the theme and genre of the novel, the writer Anne Price this time is referred to one of the finest and the most cherished narrator named, Jonathan Marosz. With all his experience, he added great value to the audio narration of the novel, which is appreciated by many fans.

The Vampire Armand

The novelist in this novel calls up on the stunning worlds in order to bring to her audience the tale of the Armand. The character of Armand is found to be perpetually young and that too with the face of a Botticelli archangel. The earlier follower of The Vampire Chronicles series must have seen Armand being introduced in the Interview with the Vampire chapter. That was the novel, which established Anne Price as one of the most celebrated novelists worldwide and that also gave recognition to the character of Armand.

The Vampire Armand

The Vampire Armand is a magnificent story of magical realms, where you will fell in love with the imagination of Anne Rice again and again.

The Queen of the Damned and Interview with the Vampire novels are earlier chapters of The Vampire Chronicles novel series written by Anne Price. These recommended novels are paranormal science fiction fantasy novels, which will mesmerize you with its haunting characters of witch and vampire.





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