The Girl Who Saved Christmas

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This is an amazing story. This is book 2 of the series A Boy Called Christmas. The author of this story is Matt Haig. He is a wonderful author. Matt Haig is a journalist. He is a very good novelist. He is the writer of both adults and kids. He wrote all types of fiction and non-fiction stories. There is a large number of books in his career.

Here are some books: Reasons to Stay Alive, The Comfort Book, The Midnight Library, The Humans, The Radleys, The Dead Father Club, A Boy Called Christmas, Notes on a Nervous Planet, The Girl Who Saved  Christmas, The Last Family in England, The Possession of Mr. Cave, Shadow forest, To Be a Cat, Father Christmas, Echo Boy, Humans: A to Z, The Runaway Troll, and The Truth Pixie. He is a phenomenal writer. If you want to see, her best then listen to her audible The Midnight Library and  How to Stop Time are good stories. These are getting fairly comments from listeners and readers.

The narrator of the novel is Carey Mulligan. She is the best for this narration. She narrated this novel with a young and clear voice. Her voice is the part of the novel. Great job from the wonderful narrator.

The main character of this story is a child girl. Her name is Amelia Wishart. She received a Christmas gift from Santa. She wants to travel all the world. But she is in big trouble. Her mother is ill. So she works in a workhouse instead of her mother. The owner of this workhouse is an unkind man. She works hard. One day the Santa finds out the Amelia with the help of his friends. Excellent work by the author.

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    A Boy Called Christmas

    Father Christmas and Me


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