The Golden Fool

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The Golden Fool is the 2nd chapter of the Tawny Man trilogy and the 8th chapter of the main Realms of the Elderlings saga. The author Robin Hobb knows the art of gaining the interest and confidence of her readers and listeners. It is because of this, the audience couldn’t resist but to binge-read or listen to the majority of her novels. Some of the most promising novels that Robin Hobb has written are Dragon Keeper and The Farseer: Assassin’s Apprentice.

The Golden Fool is a science fiction fantasy novel. The narration of this audiobook is given by Nick Taylor. The biggest flaw in the performance of Nick was with the pronunciation of the character names. The keen followers right from the first chapter of the main series found it quite distracting.

Fitz in this novel manages to rescue Prince Dutiful from the Piebald rebels. He returned to the Buckkeep castle along with the prince. Having the prince safe again, Queen Kettricken is again in a position to go further with her plans to marry him with Elliana, the Outislander princess. However, the growing tensions between the Six Duchies people over the tolerance of Kettricken with Wittted is no longer safe at all.

Fitz has his task cut out to protect the prince and also to give him training in the Skill. By doing this, he will be able to develop his contact with Nettle, his estranged daughter.

Robin Hobb is a promising fantasy fiction writer and managed to give another sensational novel in the series. The writing and quality of the characters are just magnificent. The narration lacked quality and that could have been a lot better to further please the audience.



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