The Goldfinch

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Fictional stories are always a blessing in your leisure time especially if they are written in a strong way. Donna Tartt starts telling us about a boy who is stranded by his family because of an accident. The accident kills his father and mother but he survives which proves to be an odd thing for everyone around. Theo Decker the teenager shifts with a new family that does not suit to his taste but he is left with no other choice in life. He goes to a different type of school as well where the boys don’t appear to be friendly at all.

The rich class seems to be more absurd than he thought it would be. The young Theo though desperately in search of a relation that could help him get along with his new life still possesses a strange attraction to the painting that his mother once made. It is like the painting talks to him in isolation and reminds him of his mother and there are other features that reveal to him in quite a later stage.

The tendency to move to the field of arts takes him close to the underworld where the captivating nature of the painting starts toying with the minds of other people as well. Donna Tartt narrates in a simple way and no experimentation is being done to in order to bring any dramatic change.

The novel reminds us about books like The Secret History by the same author. The books are always with some history and a strange connection with the society that is usually not discussed by the writers of the modern era.








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