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Sherrilyn Kenyon has talked about werewolves and were-hunters too, the shapeshifters were also common in books like Bad Moon Rising and Dark Side of the Moon but here it is about the gods. Story associates itself with the Greek gods who are trying to escape into the world of the humans, that’s what the gods have been trying to do since the beginning of mythology.

First character that is introduced along with the first scene is the Dream-Hunter Lydia who gets the most important mission of her life. She is told that the god of dreams is missing and it is a threat to all the gods and Lydia to because the god of dreams has secrets linked to every one of them.

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Thus the lady to the Nether Realm and gets herself arrested in the beginning of her mission by the guard named Seth. Seth has been on the gates of Olympus for centuries and he has not allowed anyone to leave but there is a temptation for him in the form of Lydia. He knows the penalty of allowing someone through the doors but the temptation is strong.

Also if Lydia fails there would be hell on each side of the world and no one would be save after that. The novel is awesome for someone who has written such a thing related to gods for the first time. The author has not shown any weakness which means that the homework related to the mythology was complete. For Fred Berman it was also a new experience because the narrator has narrated fiction before but not the one linked to Olympus. Member Benefit

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