The Hand on the Wall

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The last part of the trilogy brings out the Truly Devious who has been behind all that has been happening in the Ellingham Academy. Three murders have rocked the place and torn the people by doubts. The threat lies in everyone who is present in the academy but then there is another issue i.e whether the three deaths were murders or they were mere accidents. The first one that died in the academy faced a horrible prank that went wrong on him and resultantly killed him on the spot.

The second one was also apparently an accident, but after the third Stevie is ready to find the one after all these happenings. She just cannot leave the case and the Ellingham Academy without finding the murderer because this is not the first time she has seen all of it.

It is her past that is linked to it and the issue of David gives the final blow. Everyone leaves the academy because of the storm that is approaching but not Stevie as she is bound to find the murderer. Maureen Johnson gives the final stroke to the trilogy here and the perfection is undoubtedly awesome.

After Truly Devious and The Name of the Star it was tough for the author to maintain the same class but here is something even well garnished than those two books. Kate Rudd the narrator also had no issue in settling with the male and female voices of the story. The narrator rather appeared to be enjoying the challenge that was thrown. The finishing of the book is nail-biting but could only be enjoyed by those who have gone through the series in detail.


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