The Historian

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A few years back Elizabeth Kostova started her career with this book about a girl who finds out a scary secret about her family. The girl’s father was bankrupt before his death and her mother had passed years ago. After the death of the parents, the girl was also not blessed with any fortune which could help her in her life. One day during her search instead of a big fortune she finds out a dark secret that changes her life forever. Her father during his youth was researching about the dawn of the era of Dracula.

Search for the reality about Vlad and Impaler brought down the career of the girl’s father and she is also left with no other option but to follow in the same footsteps. According to her father’s theory, the dark lord has existed among the human race since he was born. He is trying to solve the purpose of his existence since then and eating up humans and forging a big army of followers is also one of his primary goals.

While pressure mounts on the girl i.e to reach the reality of the thing or otherwise the fate of humanity will be stained by blood forever. The Swan Thieves and The Shadow Land came after this and they too are brilliant books but Elizabeth’s true fame has been because of this book alone. Narrated by Justine Eyre and Paul Michael the book has ruled the minds and hearts of millions over the past twelve years. The novel is not very sentimental but is extreme in the thrill and all kinds of action that exist in fictional stories.

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