The Killer Angels

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The novel related to the civil war still attracts our attention thought it was published thirty years ago, the presentation of the scenes and the strong plot no doubt has been the key to success for this brilliant book. Michael Shaara tells us the era of 1863 when the North was invaded by the Confederate Army.

The gigantic army of seventy thousand men makes the scene of the war enormous and shows the intensity of fight that took place and shook the world by its enormity. The two officers also show a difference of opinion between the plans though their objective is the same but the fulfillment of the objective needs different techniques according to both of them.

The other book of Michael is Conquest over Time that depicts the tale of war along with horrors of the war and the brutal killing of the human race. The four days of terrible war shakes our minds right to the core. There is also historical background linked with this novel that makes it more interesting also the scenes are not fictional at all as they are real happening which are portrayed by the writer in simple but forceful words.

Stephen Hoye narrates in a soldier’s pitch to portray the war in a realistic way, the pace of narration speeds up along with the progress of the war in the novel and thus proves to be a perfect match. The sound of the riffles and the explosion of the bombs leave an everlasting impact of war on our minds. The war casualties horrify us and also portray the condition of wounded patients in that particular era.




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