The Elephant in the Brain



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    The Elephant in the Brain is a joint co-author venture by Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson. It is a book based on Science and Technology, which especially talks about human psychology and the mind. The narration of this book is excellently given by Jeffrey Kafer in a magnificent voice and tone.

    Human beings are actually the primates and those primates in fact are the political animals. The human brain is not designed to function for the hunt and gather but also to help people in their social circle and dealing with the dynamics of the society. This usually comes with deception and more so with self-deception.

    The Elephant in the Brain

    The human beings are made to benefit with their pretentious nature otherwise, while being the self-interested schemers. The less we are familiar with the ugly motives of ourselves, the better it is and we don’t like to talk or even think about our selfish nature. This entire phenomenon is what the author calls as “The Elephant in the brain”.

    Such kind of a taboo makes it really hard for all of us to think about human behavior and the description of the behavior. The sole purpose of this book by the author is to directly confront all of the hidden motives. The motives could be to find the unexamined and darker corners of human psyche and completely blast them with immense exposure to light.

    Space Force and The Others are a couple of other phenomenal books written by the author duo. You will definitely have a good treat while investing your time in these excellent audio books. These recommended books are also based on the Science & Technology genre.


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