The Life of Greece

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The story of civilization comes to the second step and after talking about different things in a combined way in the first chapter, the author starts talking about everything one by one. So many people think that the first book was more like a prologue. Here Stefan Rudnicki’s narration introduces us to the Greek civilization. It was the era when Troy really existed on the face of the world until it was destroyed.

No one can forget the mighty creations of Homer who just changed the way literature was written. The epics which Homer created still exist in the world of literature and their worth has not decreased till the present day. No one can forget the legends attached to Athens and Sparta i.e the two states that were known for their warrior skills and other talents that were quite rare to find in those days. The gods that the Greeks follow had their powers with the help of which they were supposed to control different things in the world.

The names of those gods can be found in Greek myths and old stories of the time. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were legends in the field of philosophy and other forms of education at that time. These three legends laid the foundation of philosophy and other forms of education for future generations. Lastly, Alexander the Great is discussed in this book so it has everything related to the Greek era whether it is about the authors, cities, or rulers, the book has everything. The Age of Faith, Volume 4 and Caesar and Christ will tell the audience about other eras which have been forgotten by the world of today.

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    Our Oriental Heritage

    Caesar and Christ


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