The Little White Bird

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This one was the original version of the Peter Pans series created by J.M. Barrie. In this novel, the writer tells us about a boy from a baby becomes a boy who wants to negate the authority of the adults. The boy appears to be a special case as he represents the kind that doesn’t even need attention.

All this boy wants is a free will and the freedom to act bravely in front of the authority. To his luck, however, he finds himself in the Kensington Garden that is not what it appears to be in the morning.

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The garden changes into a fairyland for the young Peter Pan after the look uptime, a land where he can act like a person he always wanted to be. He meets new friends like the Tinker Bell and starts having faith in fairies. The more faith he gains the more powerful he becomes and the less care he has of his original life on earth under the supervision of the adults.

This is the beginning that leads to the other parts like Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens & Peter and Wendy, thus it could be termed as the origin of the Never Land and its most famous character Peter Pan.

The description is so complete that we start feeling the fairy creatures around us and our hearts are filled with the wish to become young again. Sandra Cullum’s narration really provides charisma that was needed for this fantasy as she uses a lively tone throughout. Also, the rise and fall of her voice depict the emotions of a lonely child quite aptly.


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