The New Birth

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David K. Bernard has tried to support religion with facts all the time and the author has remained successful in his efforts in most situations. Books that the author has written before in support of his concepts are The Oneness of God and Spiritual Gifts. In every book, there are proper reasoning and the words which the author has used are easy enough to be understood by a little child.

Abraham LaVoi for this purpose does not try to get too serious in narration rather the narrator tries to keep a simple accent that looks more like that of a storytelling way. The ways which are told to mankind by Jesus Christ are highlighted along with some explanations that are hard to find these days in other books.

There are many parts of this book that are borrowed from the Holy Bible and the author further gives them a much easier explanation. If the listener just takes it as a religious book then he has missed the point completely. David has tried to give us the modern way of accepting religion or he has tried to tell us how we can adapt everything related to religion in the world of today.

Accepting everything completely is the right way otherwise we will remain confused all our life. Salvation can never be achieved if we don’t purify ourselves completely. Getting rid of sin and making room for the good thing is the right way to live our life. The book in a nutshell is a complete guide for our everyday work and a plan for the future that is yet to come.

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