The Nine Eyes of Lucien

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Lucien’s character in the novel will grip the mind of the reader or listener so firmly that he is going nowhere to the conclusion. This is the story of a being who has the power and courage to turn his fate in the right direction. Life has not been very kind to Lucien as he was without parents in his childhood and he didn’t know where he came from.

Surviving on the city streets alone was an uphill task but he was ready for all kinds of challenges. Then he got attached to the Claret Orders and learned blood magic which made him unique among the rest of the boys of his age.

Later he joined the group of mercenaries and started earning money the hard way. Madeleine Roux has portrayed the main character as someone who can do anything to rise high in society.

He is willing to take risks and is not afraid of death even when it comes to the achievement of his goals. During his journey with his teammates, he gets his hands on a strange journal in the strange ruins. In that journal, he gets the chance to know about the Somnovem i.e the nine beings who can bless an individual with unimaginable powers.

Lucien thinks that he can get this job done and when he starts reading the journal more, he starts feeling strange things. He feels that the creatures are keeping an eye on him and there are strange marks that are appearing on his body.

Narrators Robbie Daymond, Taliesin Jaffe, and Ashley Johnson do not narrate Lucien as a coward because the man is confident that he can change his fate. Like House of Furies and Asylum, the main character Lucian does not know what is going on but he is confident that he will get everything under control at the end. This confidence shows that the hero is powerful from the inside.

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