The Oleander Sword

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Usually, it is the lad in the family who is chosen as the true heir to the throne but prophecy has changed that trend in this story. Malini is the rightful empress to the throne according to to prophesy which is made by the gods and now she must get what belongs to her.

The thing is not simply because she has to get rid of her brother if she wants to be the empress and this is surely not a noble thing to do. Tasha Suri has given the main character a lot of power in this story but at the same time, it is guilt that is killing the primary character from the inside.

Priya has been born as a priestess three times in her life and this time she has a new role in her hands. The purpose is still the same i.e she wants to save the people of the land from the cruel rule of her brother and at the same time she wants to stop the plague which is spreading in the entire state.

She has been blessed with certain powers but she does not understand them that’s why the narrator Shiromi Arserio has given her character a low pitched voice initially. Fights between heirs can be seen in The Jasmine Throne or Realm of Ash as well thus the fans can consider this theme as one of the favorites of the author.

However, it cannot be said that the author has not written on any other subject because we have seen variety in Tasha’s works all the time. Just wait patiently for the ending if you are listening to this book as the ending matters the most.

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