The Paper Magician

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Ceony Twill reaches the Emery Thane Magician cottage with a completely broken heart. Ceony after graduating by topping her class from Tagis Praff School for the mystically motivated gets an apprenticeship in the paper magic. She got this opportunity despite having desire of bespelling metal. Once she has been bonded to the paper, then that thing will be her one and only magic forever.

Yet all the magic that she learned from the weird but kind Emery Thane eventually turned out to be absolutely marvelous than she could have ever thought about. Many of the animated paper creatures use to bring those marvelous stories to life through the ghostly images. But as soon as she finds out about these wonders, she also learned about the extraordinary dangers associated well with the forbidden magic.

A practitioner of dark magic and an excisioner made her way into the cottage and soon managed to reach the heart of Thane by ripping through his chest.

In order to save the life of her teacher, Ceony should come face to face with the evil magician and then board on an unbelievable adventure, which will get her right into the chambers of the still active and beating heart of Thane. And eventually, reveal everything or exactly the soul of the man.

The Paper Magician is a romantic fantasy novel written by Charlie N. Holmberg in a very interesting manner. The narration of this chapter is given by Amy McFadden, which as per reviews is a job well done.

The Will and the Wilds and Followed by Frost novels are also written by Charlie N. Holmberg and deserves to be listened in audiobook format.

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