The Rage of Dragons

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Evan Winter is a young and passionate Canadian writer of fantasy novels. The Rage of Dragons is his debut novel and since it publishing, there was no looking back for him. The book is part 1 of the series titled The Burning which is a science fiction fantasy. The Fires of Vengeance is his most successful novel to date and it was also listed as the novel to watch for in 2020 in the Canadian fiction category.

Prentice Onayemi took on the role of narrating this novel in audio format. The performance was superb and one of the highlights of the audio version of the novel.

The novel opens with the mentioning of the Omehi people who have been struggling and fighting for an unwinnable war for many generations. The lucky wins are those who are born as god-gifted. Some of them had the ultimate power to call down the dragons while the others were capable of magically transforming into stronger, bigger, and quicker killing machines.

Everyone s fodder and was destined to fight and eventually die in the ongoing war. Tau Tafari was still not satisfied and he wanted a lot more than this. However, his plans of escape got destroyed when the ones closest to him are killed brutally. All that Tau Tafari cares about is revenge with too few gifted ones left Omehi were facing genocide. He would go on to strive to become one of the finest swordsmen ever to live on the face of Earth. He was ready to die 100 times if he could get an opportunity to kill 3 of his men.

The novel launches a gripping epic fantasy saga that tells about a world caught in a never-ending war. What comes in this novel is something that will surely please science fiction fantasy lovers.


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