The Return: Shadow Souls

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The Return: Shadow Souls is a novel by L. J. Smith. This is the penultimate book of the Vampire Diaries: The Return trilogy. L. J. Smith has added on to her incredible list of amazing teen and young adult novels, especially after The Vampire Diaries, Book 1 which is the title chapter of her bestselling series. The Return: Shadows Souls is another top title from the author.

A lot of people feel that this Vampire Diaries: The Return trilogy is way better than the original, bestselling Vampire Diaries series. This is quite true and you might feel that same after trying out this phenomenal chapter from the trilogy.

Stefan Salvatore, the vampire was the love of Elena Gilbert. He was captured fully by some of the demonic spirits that were causing trouble in the Fell’s Church. On the other side, Elena’s friends Meredith and Bonnie explored in-depth the evil which completely took over their town. In that situation, Elena went forward in search of her love Stefan.

To locate him, she entrusted her own life to Damon Salvatore, who was Stefan’s brother. Damon was extremely handsome but a deadly vampire. He wanted to have Elena with both her body and soul. Along with Matt her childhood friend they set out for the Dark Dimension’s slums. That was the place where Stefan was kept imprisoned. That was considered to be the place where the demons were known to be roaming freely. However, the humans there must live enslaved under their masters of supernatural type.

This is an incredible addition to The Vampire Diaries: The Return trilogy. You will be excited to witness this amazing story and couldn’t wait for the next one in the series.

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