The Serpent Sword


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British culture is perhaps one of the richest cultures in the world when it comes to history that it possesses taking us back to the era of Anglo and Saxon tribes. It was the unification of these two tribes that created the English land along with the language of course that helped them to communicate to each other in a better way.

Matthew Harffy starts knitting the “Bernicia Chronicles” in a strong way because the author presents proper dates relate to history and the fashions even in warfare that were adopted in those years. The year at the beginning of the series is 633 AD which provides us a clue at the start that we are going to witness stuff like wars between the Vikings and all that sort of things. Storm of Steel and The Cross and the Curse can form a good couple with the current novel because the theme is almost the same the story line though is different.

The Serpent Sword

Beobrand the leading character appears in a devastated situation as he tries to gather a large army so that he can take the revenge from his enemies. Beobrand’s brother has been murdered and although the circumstances don’t prove the fact that he was slaughtered or poisoned still Beobrand is sure. He knows that the enemy has been plotting the murders for years and this time they have finally succeeded.

One thing is for sure that the enemy is after the throne and sooner or later it would be his turn to face the treacherous enemies than why wait for them. The complain that he launches tests the worth of his friends and allies as well and shows whether they are truly with him or not after all. Selecting a good narrator for heroic tales is a must because it is passion of war that the listener wants to feel, thus Barnaby Edwards was a natural choice because of the heavy pitch of the narrator.


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Fools and Mortals

The Cross and the Curse


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