The Spine of the World

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The Spine of the World is an unconventional piece of literary work by the author, R. A. Salvatore. The book is part 12 of the Legend of Drizzt novel series. Victor Bevine is back again with his soulful and expressive tone as in the capacity of the narrator of this novel.

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Although this is the Legend of Drizzt novel series, and Drizzt has to be the main character, but this specific part of the series is mainly about Wulfgar. Drizzt, Regis, Bruenor and Catt-brie comes much later in the second half of The Spine of the World.

The Spine of the World is the penultimate book in the Legend of Drizzt series. It was unbelievable to imagine about the torture in the Abyss chambers for a day and would be something enough to break the toughest of souls. But, here is the barbarian Wulfgar, who is undergoing all this hardships and torture for the last 3 years. His friends found him to be a totally different and changed man upon his return. But, this new change was not at all for the better. The road to recovery for barbarian Wulfgar is the one that he needs to travel all on his own. This is required even if it leads to some dead end or a bottleneck.

The Ghost King and The Pirate King are other novels by R. A. Salvatore, which have done great business in the literary world and played a significant role in elevating the author to fame. The novels are from the Forgotten Realms – Traditions series and you would be inspired by the great depiction of characters and awe-inspiring storyline of the book.



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