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The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand is one of the finest and highest level masterpieces written by Stephen King. Though Stephen King has written it far back in the 70s now its uncut entire version has come on the market to unveil the real and complete story behind this apocalyptic story plot. The story revolves around the world’s destruction through a biological pandemic, and how the characters start, transit, change and end up with all the experiences in the story is one of the most fabulous things you may feel.

The story is about 48 hours long and is narrated by Grover Gardner in the most scintillating way without leaving the essence of the story behind that gives life to the most of its characters and the events are portrayed perfectly as if you are seeing them.

Another impactful feature of this audiobook is that you never lose your interest while hearing no matter if you keep it on for hours because each moment brings change and that you don’t want to miss it all. The novel has been awarded as the world fantasy award for the best novel in 1979.

The Stand by Stephen King

Though most of us recognize Stephen King as a horror writer this an apocalyptic story makes it sure that Stephen King as an unmatched storyteller using fantasy, adventure, prophecy and many other emotions, modes and behavioral changes one would love to enjoy as the story develops gradually towards a transformed future based on the happenings described continuously.

No matter if you have read the first version of the story before, no one would miss out this uncut full-fledged story as it becomes irresistible as you start hearing it once. You may also enjoy reading/hearing Stephen King’s other book including the Dark Tower 1 and It featuring all the mood drift you want to enjoy in the mixture of horror, fantasy, and transformation.


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