The Storm Before the Storm

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The toughest things to write these days are the books that are associated to historical works or history items. Not only the writer needs full correct details to the old happenings but he also is forced to adopt such methods that can make these worn out piece of literature interesting for the general public. The fiction loving era never digest history if it is not presented in an appealing manner.

This book by Mike Duncan however has everything one can think of while getting a book related to history of man and his civilization. It is the fall of the Roman republic that we witness but the book is not like the old boring history lessons. It is in a well knit story pattern that also makes the remembering of history easy. Mike Duncan has himself narrated the book as well because any other narrator would not have been able to convey the whole thing in the manner in which the writer wanted to portray.

The book takes us back to 509 BCE when the Romans brought a new idea about government and they were of the view that a single person cannot run the whole state as he is not skilled enough in all the fields. Keeping an eye on everything was also something that was impossible for a single person.

The whole system still collapsed because there was a lack of harmony between the decision makings of the people present in that cooperative government. Thus they government failed to run the massive republic as a single unit.

The book provide accurate details in an interesting manner, the use of words are also simple but appealing to the mind which makes this book worth to listen to.



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