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Lisa Wingate amazes her readers with the stories that come out of the ordinary and becomes so special gradually. There is no way that you will find detached rather most listeners of the story feel like part of this story. It is because when the story develops the real-time scenarios lead the characters to their next journey and the simple things become so much meaningful.

All the unique aspects that the author explores is directly related to our everyday life but with a twist that needs a unique angle to look at.

This one is book 2 in the Carolina Chronicles and continues to create a perfectly composed storyline. This story is about the editor in the New York City who’s name is Jen Gibbs. She will find herself in a doubt after looking at a manuscript. The manuscript is not a fresh and unique one rather its seems to point back to the history she may want to know about.

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The narrators Abby Craden, Bahni Turpin have worked great. They have given their voices to enable the listener to imagine the world around the story they are listening to.

While reading through the pages she found, she comes to know some of the amazing things behind mysteries.

While reading she will know about a girl named Sarra and soon she will be able to find the truths behind that   story. In addition to that she will know about the unknown author of this book as well.

Now the hidden things come closer and clearer. Jen is ready to take breath and publish the valuable manuscript that has been hidden till now.


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