The Stranger Inside


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    Crime fiction is nothing if the writer is not able to get into the mind of the listeners; Lisa Unger is one of those few writers who know this technique. The author puts the information in the ears of the listener step by step and with each step, we go deeper into the mystery. Then one sudden grip by the story just completely makes us dazed. Our mind starts walking with the main character as we delve deeper into the pages of the book. Vivienne Leheny and Chris Andrew Ciulla narrate the character of Rain at the start when she is just twelve years of age.

    The girl was planning to spend some time with her friends when a kidnapper perished their plan. He tried to abduct all three girls but Rain escaped. One of her friends died in the process and the other was later rescued. The killer never got the punishment which he deserved by the court but then later he was killed which pacified Rain’s mind.

    The Stranger Inside

    All of this is now a story of the past and Rain is spending a normal life with her child. She is a journalist by profession but she does not give time to her profession now because of her child. It was during these days she got the news of another murder which reminded her about the murder of that criminal many years ago. Something just appears to be the same in both cases and Rain thinks it is time to find out. Lisa is one of the best in the world when it comes to writing stories such as Confessions on the 7:45 and The Red Hunter. This book is also one of the classics which portray the skills of the author and narrators. Blinking for a while might not be a good idea for the fans because you don’t want to lose a single moment of this novel.

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