The Trials of Apollo, Book One: The Hidden Oracle Audiobook

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The book one in the series by Rick Riordan starts with a bang, Zeus the most powerful of the gods throw Apollo out of the Olympus because of an insulting remark by him for Zeus. The famous god Apollo is not only thrown out but also he is denied of all the godly powers. The arrival of a god in New York in the form of a teenage boy is a new thing in the fictional works.

The god Apollo finally learns the human ways of spending life though he is 4000 years of age those years and experience is not helpful for him in the world of humans which is mostly against him and want to get rid of him for good, the only way left for Apollo to survive is regain the favor of Zeus somehow so that he could go back to his homeland Olympus and can once again live a godly life.

Even some of the gods and monsters who were his old enemies think it a proper time to attack the god and his human form when he is still weak and slaughter able. A new concept of camp half-blood is also there.

It is a camp in which modern demigods live. They now the way to live their lives with and among the human race, Apollo must learn the art of living among humans before reestablishing his connection with his father the mighty one. The story is well knit and also the myths about gods are correctly described which means that the writer has researched quite a lot about Greek mythology. The narration by Robbie Daymond slowly gets pace and then matches the height of the story and restores its grandeur toward the end.

Other great books written by the author which you can find on audible are The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters and The Burning Maze which people would love to listen around in their spare time.


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