The Turquoise Lament

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The Turquoise Lament is the chapter 15 in the Travis McGee novel series. It is written exceptionally well by author, John D. MacDonald. He has countless books written on the mystery thriller where The Turquoise Lament is one of them. A few other novels from the author which are worth investing your time in are Nightmare in Pink and The Deep Blue Good-By. These recommended novels written by the author are also from his Travis McGee crime mystery thriller series. You will love both of these for their intense suspense and the character of Travis McGee.

The audio version of this novel has the narration of Robert Petkoff. He remained consistent throughout with his performance and the audience just couldn’t expect anyone else in the role of narrator for the entire series.

Linda Lewellen is now well grown up. She approaches Travis McGee and tell him that either she is going nuts or Howie, her ex-jock of a hubby is trying to killer her. Travis McGee was once the girlhood idol of Linda. Travis checks out a few things and gives Linda the all clear call. However, when she and Howie sails far away for kissing each other and make up then Travis McGee had some really serious second thoughts. If only he could possibly get t Linda before he has got some time to do any more thinking.

The book if looked alone is quite a good one. But, in the context of the series, this and the two that preceded this novel are not so great. If someone is to be recommended with a good Travis McGee then this one wouldn’t be a good one to offer at all.

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