The View from Alameda Island

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Love is a healer is a certified truth in this world but what could a person do if the wound are deeper and go to the core of the heart. Robyn Carr creates a masterpiece by writing about the life of an ordinary woman who never thought anything bad about anyone and she ends up facing a disaster.

Lauren Delaney is the type of woman that ordinary women in the neighborhood envy because she is apparently living an ideal life with her loving husband and two daughters. But then things change as she decides to tell the truth about her life and starts adopting things in a realistic manner.

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She claims that her husband has not been treating her well throughout the twenty four years of her married life and he has been insulting her on every step. Thus she files up a divorce case and meets another man with the same sort of fate and tries to start a new life at this stage of her life. Her husband on the other hand wants the same perfect life back that according to her was robotic as there were never any emotions involved throughout the twenty four years.

It is a fight against a man that she knows for the last twenty four years but this face of his was never visible to her ever. The novel does not move on the lighter side like The Country Guesthouse and The Best of Us its corrosive at most stages because the fight really gets to your nerves. The narrator Therese Plummer has also remained successful in providing a stressed and distressing tone for this piece of art.








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