The Viscount Who Loved Me


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    Julia Quinn again adds history by telling us about the date which is April 1814, during which the whole thing is taking place. Anthony Bridgerton is the bachelor under discussion in this novel and he surely is a naughty fellow. Trapping one woman and then the other in the society is the usual routine of Anthony.

    He is the kind of man who always remains in the gossip columns of the city’s newspapers. Most of the people now read about his scandals as a routine thing but for the women, it is something that ignites a spark in their hearts. Another scandal comes to the scene when the novel properly starts but this time Anthony thinks that he is serious about the woman he is in relation with. Both have agreed to marry but there is one power that is standing between them and that is the elder sister of the woman Anthony wants to marry.

    The Viscount Who Loved Me

    Kate does not want her younger sister to marry a man who is known for his scandals with the various women of the town. The more he tries to convince Kate the more she becomes aggressive in her stance. And then slowly Anthony thinks that he is getting attracted towards Kate instead of her sister.

    Rosalyn Landor gives the fragrance of feeling through narration in the middle of the story. Kate also starts developing a feeling for Anthony which we observed in the ladies during The Duke and I and An Offer from a Gentleman. His first kiss makes Kate totally mad and Anthony too starts having dreams about Kate which is a total shocker for him. The two get entangled in this strange relationship which neither of them approved at first.

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