The Void

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Each story with a different plot and a new destination has been the trademark of Greig Beck series since book one when the Arcadian landed near the Antarctic. The devils and evils have been new all the time but the team under the supervision of Alex Hunter always emerged in the end with only one dominant talent i.e the zeal to survive at any rate.

This is the seventh one of the series and still we as readers or listeners cannot match any of the books in terms of missions and the scene of actions. Only the first and the sixth Beneath the Dark Ice and Kraken Rising share the same location but the devils are different. This chapter deals with forces that are extraterrestrial rather than old and ancient.

The story starts when Commander Mitch Granger finds a strange thing that comes out of the dark space when he was about to return to the earth from a space exploration trip. The crew unluckily decides to bring the strange object in the ship and commit the worse mistake of their lives.

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The ship comes down with something else with it and lands in Alaska which means the Russians can also get to it within no time in order to get the military data from the ship. The last of the super-soldiers are once again summoned for the task as the threat appears to be growing at an alarming pace on the mountains of Alaska.

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