The Whole Way Home

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One thing that keeps coming in Sarah Creech’s work is the amalgam of past and present. We see this thing in almost all of her works. Along with it is the family relations that come closer to an end and then are renewed within no time. Such aspects were quite dominant in Season of the Dragonflies this one however has much more, there are tales of romance and scandals that break the heart of many.

Jo Lover is an upcoming star whose song is taking her higher on the charts and she hopes to be among her idols soon for which she has to keep her personality appealing like ever. Though she is not all those things that she pretends she is but still she has to keep that same face in front of the audience if she wants to win their hearts.

Everything goes well and smooth at the start and then all of a sudden the JD band is back in the town. The band belongs to her past lover with whom she broke long ago when she left her band. And now they are back on stage joined once again by a label that wants them to sing a duet and amazingly that song spreads like a wild fire.

Along with the song their past life again comes into play and there are questions raised about their past, questions that either one of them cannot answer. It’s a career and past love that is at stake in this story throughout and only one can win. Johanna Parker and Don Hagen have distributed their characters for the narration and each plays his or her part excellently.


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