The Wife Stalker

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Our psychological condition plays a very important role in our life; it is our psychological condition that makes us build our personality in the right way. When the psychological condition of a person is disturbed the personality also collapses with it. Liv Constantine introduces three main characters in the novel and all of them have personality issues. Piper Reynard is the energetic kind of a woman who is in her thirties but she tries to look young and full of charm.

After seeing the handsome man i.e Leo, Piper starts presenting herself in a better way in front of him. She knows that he is a married man and has two children but that is not something which she should be worried about. All Piper wants is Leo and does not care what he plans for the rest of his family. Leo’s wife Joanna married him because of his awesome personality but then the toil of work took his charisma from him. Now Joanna observes that his husband is back in the old style once again as he looks more dashing and appealing. Leo’s approach towards life also becomes vibrant which excites Joanna even more.

Then Joanna gets the reality bite i.e this new change is because of Piper and her husband is soon leaving her. Joanna investigates Piper to save her wedding but she gets the kind of stuff that the audience listened to in The Last Mrs. Parrish and The Last Time I Saw You. Piper was not normal psychologically but Joanna cannot prove this to anyone all she knows is that her family is in grave danger. Julia Whelan and Meghan Wolf have narrated these three characters together like a true team.

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