The Word Is Murder

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The Word Is Murder is a novel written by Anthony Horowitz. It is a suspenseful mystery thriller. The book is part 1 of a mystery series with the title of Detective Daniel Hawthorne. The author has provided mystery thriller enthusiasts with some fantastic novels where The House of Silk and Magpie Murders are at top of the list.

Rory Kinnear has done the narration of this novel, The Word Is Murder. The performance was quite good and the listeners enjoyed it thoroughly.

The time is just past 11 in the morning and it was a bright day of spring. A woman is seen on a London street who is going to visit a funeral parlor to check the plan for her service. The woman was surprisingly found dead just six hours later in the day. She was killed by strangling using the cord of a crimson curtain, which was in her own home.

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There enters Daniel Hawthorne, a disgraced police detective on the scene. He was accompanied by his partner who is none other than Anthony Horowitz, a celebrated novelist.

Horowitz as compared to Hawthorne is quite seasoned when it comes to the crime stories. Just as things progress and the murder case unfolds, Horowitz started to think that he is right at the core of another story that he couldn’t control at all. Moreover, his talented partner might just be hiding a few of his own mysterious and dark secrets.

The Word Is Murder is a gripping and a bit tricky mystery novel, which plays many games at various levels. The author is at his very best with this excellently written novel. Member Benefit

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