Rage of Ares


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Final battle approaches and though the Greeks have won many rounds but it still does not mean that they are able to fully match the fury of the Persian army. Stranded from all sides the Greeks want all of their demi gods in the battlefield and still they would not seem enough against the full wrath of the huge Persian army. Arimnestos has waited for a revenge all his life and now is the time for the “Killer of men” to unleash his full furry on the enemy. He can kill as many men as he like and the more the better for the Greeks. Killer of Men and Marathon never invoked such a severe rage of the hero.

Christian Cameron has made the audience wait for this epic finale and though having all the power and skill the killer of men is never with the upper hand in the war and this is what makes him emerge as a hero and a survivor. Wonderfully portrayed the novel surely tells us about the tricks and trends of warfare in a detailed manner. The characters and the scene look so real that we the audience feel that we too are a part of the whole scene and not witnessing it but are taking part in it.

Rage of Ares

Peter Noble’s voice is a real sensation making us believe that the whole scenery is true. The sounds of the gladiators at war and their stunning speeches are described at length with the unending energy which truly makes us feel the rage of the warriors. The plot was also strong though the subplots don’t hold well on some occasions but the fight scenes don’t allow you to think about it for a long time.


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