Thicker Than Water

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The stories with clues that can make your hair stand straight continue in this sixth book of the series in which once again, Jessica Daniel, the detective is caught in the labyrinth of clues which appear to be false most of the time or it is she who fails to understand the message rightly every time she gets one during her investigation of a murder mystery of a babysitter, a teenage girl with no connection of any sort with people that could be proved guilty of her ruthless murder on a night when she was babysitting Cameron and Eleanor’s little daughter.

They found their little daughter and the rest of the things in their house were safe and sound only the babysitter was gone and her dead body was found later in a different block far away from the crime scene. After that Jessica gets the clue of a journalist who also disappeared in the same way but he got an obituary on his door front for him before the disappearance issue that he complained to the police himself.

Kerry Wilkinson has knit the tale quite nicely and firmly as there are no weak plots that could be seen and the story becomes more intense one when Jessica is left with no one whom she could trust and can ask for help as well. She goes to the club owner who wants Jessica badly because all the clues lead to her club and she knows that there is some sort of connection between the murders and the club or the club owner. Becky Hindley has put all the efforts in the narration of this fine tale and no doubt added a bit in it through the voice as well.  

Just like this you can also enjoy and get into the deeper depth with the stories Shadow and Bone (The Grisha #1) – Leigh Bardugo and  Keelic and the Space Pirates: The Keelic Travers Chronicles, Book 1 – Alexander Edlund.



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